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About Us


Limited White Label (Ltd, W/Lbl) proudly stands as an independent record label, born from a fervent passion for Jazz-House music. Our journey began in 2015, rooted in a simple idea: to create a platform on YouTube dedicated to showcasing the nuanced world of "sophisticated Jazz-oriented electronic music." Fueled by the desire to fill a void in the niche genre of Jazz-House, we embarked on a mission to curate and share exceptional tracks that often eluded mainstream recognition.

Today, Limited White Label offers a diverse array of musical experiences, including various series of releases, meticulously curated playlists spanning a wide spectrum of genres,  live streams, and the privilege of presenting premier tracks in collaboration with esteemed partner labels.

Within our catalog, you will discover the embodiment of our devotion to music. Our white label records serve as a testament to our commitment, comprising re-issued renditions of previously released digital tracks. In stark contrast, our black label records proudly introduce entirely original compositions, a testament to our dedication to fostering artistic innovation.

Our single-sided records, aptly named, offer a unique auditory journey by housing music exclusively on one side. These distinct releases, available exclusively on vinyl, showcase intricate House music edits that have been meticulously crafted to turn the most polite group of people into absolute marauders on the dance floor.

Complementing this, our unlimited series introduces a digital realm of music, featuring EPs that are exclusively launched in a digital format, further expanding our reach and enabling new comers especially.

It is worth noting that this journey was sparked by the passionate pursuit of a niche genre, one for which there was no dedicated platform. In response to this void, we began collecting these exceptional tracks and sharing them on YouTube, thereby giving life to Limited White Label. This dedication to fostering musical appreciation and exploration remains at the heart of our label's mission.

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