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artist image of Alberto Castellana

Alberto Castellana


About the Artist

Alberto Castellana first delved into the world of music at the age of 8 when, almost for fun, he began listening to his father's CDs, specifically Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side of the Moon' and 'Echoes'.

Over the years, Alberto developed a profound and professional passion for DJing and Beatmaking. In 2007, he began performing at private parties with his first console, subsequently finding success in pub performances.

With the aid of digital software, he created his first piece of work, which not only brought him satisfaction but also a stronger motivation to continue on this path.

In 2010, he enrolled in an Ableton course taught by Dario Piana and Giovanni Raniolo in 2011/2012. This propelled him to work diligently on self-improvement, expanding his knowledge and uncovering the deeper essence of Nu Jazz and Broken Beat through artists like St. Germain, At Jazz, Nick Holder, and other significant figures in the movement.

Enhancing his understanding, Alberto realized that solely creating beats and spinning records wasn't entirely fulfilling. Subsequently, in 2022, he commenced private piano lessons to gain a deeper insight into harmony and musical forms.


Introducing Alberto Castellana and his electrifying nine-track debut album. Hailing from Italy, Castellana brings the classic Italian signature Nu-Jazz sound to the table. Accompanied by a trio of exceptionally talented musicians on the piano, guitar, and Rhodes piano, Castellana's debut album promises an in-depth journey through various electronic genres, including House, Break Beat, Drum & Bass, as well as the realms of Jazz.

Image of A-Side of the vinyl record LTDBLBL012 by Alberto Castellana.
Image of Alberto Castellana's studio in Palermo, Italy.

Alberto Castellana's studio in Ragusa, Italy.

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