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Image of Benjamin Long, artist, producer, DJ.

Benjamin Long

United Kingdom

About the Artist

Benjamin Long, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ from South London, seamlessly blends jazz, electronic, and club influences into his music. Introduced to jazz from an early age, Long was shaped by London's vibrant music scene, incorporating elements of various genres into his own style. His recent releases on labels like Closer To Truth, Apparel Music, and Limited White Label showcase his meticulously crafted tracks and signature sound, inspired by the likes of Retromigration and Soulphiction. His involvement with Marbles, an event series fostering a sense of community in the London music scene, showcases his commitment to give something back to London's ever-growing club culture.


Hailing from London, the newcomer Benjamin Long delivers a solid eight-tracker EP to celebrate his vinyl debut on Limited White Label. Over the last 18 months, the British multi-instrumentalist carefully crafted this record with such dedication one rarely experiences – inspired by the likes of Retromigration, Soulphiction, and the flourishing and diverse London music scene. Expect Jazz-heavy compositions of all tempos that really make this sniff of lacquer an outstanding and fully rounded release not to be missed.

Image of Benjamin Long's home stuido in South London.

Benjamin Long's home stuido in South London.

Closer To Truth / Mole Records / Apparel Music / Fri By Frikardo

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