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Image of Bootie Grove, artist, producer, DJ.

Bootie Grove


About the Artist

Bootie Grove is a house DJ and producer based in Toulouse, France. Inspired by internet culture, particularly lo-fi culture for both the music and visual aspects, Bootie Grove aims to convey a melancholic and powerful energy through the simplicity and depth of his tracks. He aspires to document different moments of his life, creating a personal autobiography through his art. Known for titles like "The Best Of Me," released under the Universal Music label U-NXT, and "Blind," Bootie Grove is steadily establishing his presence in the world of deep house.


The 6-track EP LTDBLBL007 by Bootie Grove and A Most Wanted Man is a sophisticated and eclectic blend of house, deep house, and jazz-house music. The release is perfect for a sunny day by the pool or a night out on the dance floor. The French-Australian combination could not be better. Some of the highlights of the EP include the dreamy and atmospheric sounds of Bootie Grove's contributions, and the more uptempo and danceable tracks from A Most Wanted Man. The EP also features a guest appearance from Jeff Tuts on the track "Mamie Bossa Nova", which adds a Latin touch to the mix.

Image of Bootie Grove performing at 3P Festival. Nantes, 2022

Bootie Grove in the mix at 3P Festival.
Nantes, France 2022

Moiss Music Black / GLBDOM / Amsem / Nymphony Records / Feedasoul Records / Surge Recordings / Sengiley Recordings / Dancefloor Impact Research / Label Affaire Records / Novaj 新し Records

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