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About the Artist

Eloi is a French producer hailing from Paris who has been seducing us with his intimate and emotional blend of melodies and compelling grooves since the early 2020s. His expertise lies in the art of sampling, using various vintage synthesizers and a flea-market tape recorder to create his signature sound.


Introduced to the electronic music scene in the early 2010s, Eloi quickly delved deeper into the exploration of the house music genre. His music is deeply influenced by classic house musicians such as Moodymann but also contemporary artists such as Moomin, as well as hip-hop culture and jazz. His tracks are often characterized by their warm and organic soundscapes, catchy melodies, and soulful vocals.


Eloi, a French producer hailing from Paris is the one behind Limited White Label's ninths black label release and takes you right to your late summer teen-romance you've never had. The release fuses jazzy chords, deep synthy bass lines and catchy vocals to create the French class sound so many of us are familiar with.

Image of Eloi's studio in Paris, France.

Eloi's studio in Paris, France.

Deeppa Records / Midtown House / Everybody In Records

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