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About the Artist

Meet Mickael and Remi, the Lyon-based duo behind HARCIA, merging their talents to craft infectious House music. Influenced by the likes of Moodyman and Ian Pooley, their sound transcends genres, blending Soul, Disco, and Jazz into a captivating sonic journey.

Their EP on Low Recordings showcased their deep, jazzy soundscapes, infused with city vibes and blues samples, offering a slice of life unique to Lyon. Now, with an eagerly awaited release on Limited White Label, HARCIA continues to push boundaries and redefine electronic music, promising an experience that resonates with the soul.


Prepare to groove to Limited White Label’s next black label release! LTDBLBL014 features six tracks by a diverse lineup of artists including Scruscru, James Gia, Freudenthaler, Harcia, King Of Clubs, and Bon Aime.


This collection seamlessly blends the smooth melodies of jazz with the infectious beats of house. From established icons to promising newcomers, each track offers a unique sonic journey. Don't miss this VA record – the first from Limited White Label in five years. Available on May 31st, born from a passion for Jazz-House music.

Cover of LTDBLBL014
Studio of Harcia

Harcia's studio in Lyon, France

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