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Image of Max Telaer, artist, producer, DJ.

Max Telaer


About the Artist

Belgium-based Dj and producer, Max Telaer is a modern music’s poet who developed is own sound signature over the years.

He has several imprints on his behalf in various and international labels. He’s a regular in Berlin where he’s played alongside accredited producers in various clubs including Sisyphos, Loftus Hall and the Salon Zur Wilden Renate.

In his hometown, Brussels, Max requires no introduction. He’s played in Fuse, is a regular at various open air events, and holds down a residency at the club La Cabane.


Limited White Label’s fourth black label release is yet again crafted by a number of different artists, including Meowsn', Nephews, TBM, REES, and Max Telaer. The album spans a range of different electronic subgenres, from House and Acid Jazz to Disco, and has been praised for its sound rooted in Deep House.


The album's tracks feature catchy vocals, driving basslines, and funky guitar riffs, as well as darker, more acid-tinged house elements, trippy synths, and hypnotic melodies, making LTDBLBL004 a well-crafted and enjoyable house album.

cover of vinyl record
Image of Max Telaer at Paradise City Festival. Perk, Belgium 2018

Max Telaer at Paradise City Festival.
Perk, Belgium 2018

Berlin House Music / Love & Loops / Hustler Trax / Feedasoul Records / Supra House Collectif / Inhale Exhale / LW Recordings / GLBDOM Classic / Superordinate Dub Waves / Metafloor Records / Honey Butter Records / Being All Here / Not Fashion Groups / DUM / WAREBLUES / Muzik & Friendz / Heattraxx

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