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Image of Nephews, artist-duo, producers, and DJs.



About the Artist

Their journey is not only marked by electrifying performances but also by a prolific presence in the studio. Nephews has found a home in several esteemed record labels, including Ravanelli Disco Club, Wolf Music Recordings, APRH Records, Small Great Things, Aterral, and Limited White Label. As part of the Love Ensemble, they contributed to a release on the Swiss label APRH Records, showcasing their collaborative spirit and commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

Nephews' contribution to the electronic music scene is more than just a series of performances; it's a testament to their dedication to preserving the essence of a bygone era while pushing the boundaries of contemporary sound. The duo continues to evolve and shape the sonic landscape of Berlin—one beat at a time.

In the pulsating heart of the Berlin club scene, Nephews, a dynamic DJ duo hailing from Beirut and Berlin, takes listeners on a journey through time with a sonic palette that pays homage to the euphoric era of the '90s and early 2000s. They skillfully weave together diverse productions that blend nostalgia with forward-thinking innovation.

Comprising talented artists with a shared passion for the music that defined a generation, Nephews infuse their compositions with bouncy beats, dazed synths, and a distinctive fusion of samples. Their soundscapes effortlessly transition from deep, introspective selections to club-ready anthems, showcasing their versatility and musical prowess. The duo's collaborative synergy is a driving force that keeps the night alive, creating an immersive experience for their audience.

Nephews has become an integral part of Berlin's vibrant club culture, with pulsating performances lighting up renowned venues across the city. Beyond the DJ booth, they've made their mark in Berlin’s nightlife scene by organizing party series like "disco-very," creating spaces where music enthusiasts can revel in carefully curated sets.

Venturing beyond the borders of Berlin, Nephews has taken their magnetic energy to international stages, captivating audiences in Switzerland and Lebanon. In addition to their live performances, Nephews has been featured in various radio shows for esteemed platforms such as Metro Beirut Records, Inch by Inch Distribution, Aterral, Allay Blur Records, HÖR, and more. Their radio presence not only extends their reach but also serves as a platform to share unreleased pieces and other musical discoveries with a wider audience.


Limited White Label’s fourth black label release is yet again crafted by a number of different artists, including Meowsn', Nephews, TBM, REES, and Max Telaer. The album spans a range of different electronic subgenres, from House and Acid Jazz to Disco, and has been praised for its sound rooted in Deep House.


The album's tracks feature catchy vocals, driving basslines, and funky guitar riffs, as well as darker, more acid-tinged house elements, trippy synths, and hypnotic melodies, making LTDBLBL004 a well-crafted and enjoyable house album.

Image of Nephews, artist-duo, producers, and DJs in their studio in Berlin.

Nephews in their Berlin studio in 2023.

Scruniversal Records / Ravanelli Disco Club / APRH Records / Small Great Things / Dancing Tramonto / Future Disco

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