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LIMITED REVIEW 001: Darryl Baalki - Flower Out Of A Stone [Deeppa Records]

If you've managed to stay attuned to the music scene and haven't been residing under a rock, the name Deeppa Records should undoubtedly resonate. This Russian record label emerged amidst the Corona pandemic in 2020 and, since then, has curated an impressive catalog of seven records, each bordering on the brink of perfection in both sound and artistic design. Label heads Mikhail and Nikita consistently push the boundaries of creativity with every release and the label's artist roster, spanning the globe from Russia to Argentina, includes notable names such as Scruscru, Jehan, Novaj, Sabe Blanc, Replika, Hotmood, and SofaTalk.

The latest addition to the label’s roster is Darryl Baalki, also known as Mr. Ultrafino, who now stands as a seasoned Deeppa Records veteran, returning for his second release on the label – Flower Out Of A Stone. Back in 2021, he graced the music scene with "Last Night I Dreamt About The Sun," a meticulously crafted record characterized by its rich fusion of jazz-infused house—a wholesome EP that captivates from start to finish, exemplifying perfection.

Darryl Baalki, the alter ego of Mr. Ultrafino, embodies a mysterious and mature persona that remains shrouded within his music. His newest release, titled "Flower Out Of A Stone," set to debut in January 2024, deviates from the conventional House sound, embracing a more refined, jazz-inspired electronic journey.

With an impressive 30 years of musical experience, Baalki, a Czech DJ and producer, is not just a newcomer; he hosts regular Jazzdance parties, graces radio shows with his performances, and undoubtedly stands as one of Prague's greatest treasures for enthusiasts of jazz-inspired electronic music.


The titular track of the EP, "Flower Out Of A Stone," is a high-energy Jazz-House fusion that commences with a contemporary Jazz vibe reminiscent of the Polish Jazz band Skalpel. Anchored by jazz drums and a captivating bassline, the composition swiftly integrates electronic beats, vocals, piano, and saxophone riffs. Despite its complexity, the track maintains an effortless allure that might cause listeners to overlook the skillful craftsmanship behind it.

Darryl Baalki has truly surpassed himself with this record, making it a must-have for aficionados of Jazz-House. Everyone involved in the project can rightfully take pride in their contribution. Special recognition is due to the talented graphic designer behind the cover, Peter Bankov, whose exceptional skills have previously graced projects such as JSM by Scruscru, Jehan, and Meowsn, as well as You’ll Keep Going by Eloi.

In summary, what more can be said about Deeppa Records and Mr. Ultrafino? These Slavic maestros are shit-house crazy—in the best possible way!


Mark your calendars for the release in mid-January 2024, and secure your copy of this musical masterpiece.


Deeppa Records

Darryl Baalki aka Mr. Ultrafino


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