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Image of Scruscru, artist, producer, DJ.


Russian Federation

About the Artist

Hailing from the capital city of Armenia, Scruscru has emerged as a formidable force in the electronic music scene, captivating audiences with his distinctive blend of House and Disco beats. With a musical journey spanning several years, he has not only made his mark as a talented DJ and producer but has also taken matters into his own hands by establishing Scruniversal Records with the mission of showcasing some "good stuff from his mates.”


Garnering attention with his releases on esteemed labels such as Ravanelli Disco Club, Sloth Boogie, Limited White Label, Deeppa Records, Omena LTD, Noire & Blanche, Minor Notes and many more, Scruscru not only found resonance within the global electronic music community but also set the stage for his many appearances on radio shows around the world, such as Traxsource, Aterral, House Salad Music, Juno Download, Nova Funk, Dream Chimney, and others. This widespread exposure showcased his versatile sound to audiences worldwide.


Not content with merely contributing to other labels, Scruscru decided to shape his own musical narrative by founding Scruniversal Records in 2022. This platform allowed him to curate and showcase his artistic vision, providing digital as well as vinyl releases, including some rare 7-inch special editions.


As Limited White Label's first single artist release LTDBLBL005 by Russias rising star Scruscru sets a very high bar. The 4-tracker EP is an absolute hit in the mark featuring sounds that would remind you of MCDE and Junktion. Get ready to hear jazz-infused electronica on top of infectious grooves and stunning vocals. An incredibly well-crafted release by the Russian groove specialist that should be a part of every music collection.

Image of B-Side of the vinyl record LTDBLBL005 by Scruscru.
Image of Scruscru, artist, producer, DJ.

The place Scruscru feels most comfortable: behind the decks!

Scruniversal Records / Deeppa Records / Minor Notes Recordings / Nómada Records / Ravanelli Disco Club, Sloth Boogie Editz / Outplay / Omena LTD / Sloth Boogie Jamz / Craft Music Records / Flat White Records / Blur Records

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