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About the Release

Dam'cy sets the stage for Limited White Label's digital series with the release of this three-track masterpiece effortlessly navigating the realms of orientalism and lounge music, showcasing Dam'cy's exceptional talent in blending sampled elements with live drum and instrumental recordings, all meticulously crafted by the artist herself.


The seamless fusion of cultural influences and contemporary beats creates a truly immersive and easy-listening experience inviting listeners to explore the rich tapestry of sounds woven by this French multi-instrumentalist.



Lucky Sun Recordings / White Deer Records / Maison Profonde Recordings / Lisztomania Records / Time 2 House / Mole Music / Oxytech Records / Klinik Room

Image of Dam’cy, artist, producer, DJ.


1. Ephemeral Meaning

2. Let Me See You

3.When Midnight Comes

Release date

April 28, 2020

Catalogue number



Mastered by Salz

Distributed by Inch By Inch Distribution

Dam'cy - Ephemeral Meaning /Teaser/ (UNLIMITED001)
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Cover Image of UNLIMITED001 by Dam’cy.
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