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Cover Image of UNLIMITED003 by Horsemen.



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About the Release

In the third installment of Limited White Label’s digital series we welcome the German duo Horsemen with a three-tracker EP focusing on their standout track, "All My Bad Behaviour," presented in a remastered original mix alongside two distinctive remixes.


Horsemen's craftsmanship shines through in this EP, offering a testament to the idea that one track can unveil many facets when approached with a slight twist in production. The remastered original mix provides a renewed experience, while the remixes showcase the duo's versatility and willingness to explore diverse musical territories.



Endless Music / APRH Records / Metro Beirut Records / Colour In Music / Talkbox Recordings / Hey! Records / welofi / Berlin Bass Collective

Image of Horsemen, artists, producers, DJ-Duo.

1. All My Bad Behaviour (Original)

2. All My Bad Behaviour (Vinyl Rework)

3. All My Bad Behaviour (Sunrise Dub)

Release date

April 16, 2021

Catalogue number



Mastered by Salz

Distributed by Inch By Inch Distribution

Cover Image of UNLIMITED003 by Horsemen.
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