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Cover Image of UNLIMITED004 by Leiba.



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File, WAV, EP

About the Release

Meet Leiba, the Russian DJ and producer currently calling Haifa, Israel home, and the creative force steering the ship for Limited White Label's fourth unlimited release. The love for jazz-infused electronic music is clearly present in all four pieces, each a unique take on combining jazz and house music.


Sophisticated and dancefloor-ready - nothing more to say.


Be sure to visit his label TAKT Recordings to find like-minded artists and more.


Russian Federation

TAKT Recordings / Rewind Ltd / DOBRO / See-Saw

Image of Leiba, artist, producer, DJ.


1. Unforgettabe Day

2. Take it Home

3. Talk About Acid

4. International Language

Release date

June 18, 2021

Catalogue number



Mastered by Salz

Distributed by Inch By Inch Distribution

Cover Image of UNLIMITED004 by Leiba.
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