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Image of Henna Onna, artist, producer, singer, and DJ.

Henna Onna


About the Artist

Armenia's electronic music scene has discovered a remarkable voice in Henna Onna, a versatile artist hailing from the heart of Yerevan. Starting as a DJ in 2010, she has carved a niche for herself as a singer and electronic music producer, crafting EPs for renowned labels such as Closer To Truth, Nite Grooves, Limited White Label, Kindisch, and Lisztomania. Refining her mixing skills, the Armenian artist has appeared on various radios and podcasts, including Tsubaki FM and Block FM in Japan, DJ Mag Spain, Sloth Boogie in the UK, Saladcast in Mexico, and Radio Electronica Jena in Germany. What sets Henna Onna apart in an industry saturated with sampling is her use of voice, adding a touch of authenticity to her music, making each track a true original.


Beyond performances spanning across Armenia and neighboring Georgia, the Yerevan resident reached as far as Tokyo, a city synonymous with cutting-edge electronic music. Performing at the renowned Japanese club WOMB became one of Henna Onna’s standout achievements. From the lively Shibuya Oiran to the intimate settings of Red Bar and Tengu Shokudo, her performances vividly demonstrate her musical versatility.


Collaborating with the Russian groove specialist Anton Bogomolov, also known as Scruscru, who relocated to Yerevan, Henna Onna is gearing up for an exciting new chapter. Together, they are crafting an upcoming release set to debut on Limited White Label in 2024. This collaboration promises to blend their unique styles, creating a fusion of electronic and vocal sounds that will undoubtedly offer a harmonious combination of their individual artistry.


Continuing Limited White Label's digital series, Henna Onna, the talented Armenian DJ, singer, and producer based in Yerevan, unveils her latest creation, a captivating two-track EP that seamlessly fuses solid deep house beats with her own stunning voice.


In this EP, Henna Onna brings a breath of fresh air to the electronic music scene, showcasing her distinctive sound where every vocal part is an original creation, eschewing the common practice of sampling. Her unique approach adds a layer of authenticity to her tracks making the listening experience deeply moving.

Henna Onna djing.

Henna Onna at Gastrofest. Dilijan, Armenia 2023

Closer To Truth / Nite Grooves/ Kindisch / House Salad Music / Lisztomania / NC4k / Rewind Ltd / Strictly Flava

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