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Cover Image of UNLIMITED002 by Henna Onna.


Henna Onna

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File, WAV, EP

About the Release

Continuing Limited White Label's digital series, Henna Onna, the talented Armenian DJ, singer, and producer based in Yerevan, unveils her latest creation, a captivating two-track EP that seamlessly fuses solid deep house beats with her own stunning voice.


In this EP, Henna Onna brings a breath of fresh air to the electronic music scene, showcasing her distinctive sound where every vocal part is an original creation, eschewing the common practice of sampling. Her unique approach adds a layer of authenticity to her tracks making the listening experience deeply moving.

Henna Onna


Closer To Truth / Nite Grooves/ Kindisch / House Salad Music / Lisztomania / NC4k / Rewind Ltd / Strictly Flava

Image of Henna Onna, artist, producer, DJ.

1. Fadaway

2. Kodama

Release date

October 23, 2020

Catalogue number



Mastered by Salz

Distributed by Inch By Inch Distribution

Cover Image of UNLIMITED002 by Henna Onna.
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