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Image of A-Side of the vinyl record LTDBLBL008 by Retromigration & Nephews.


Retromigration & Nephews

Edition of



12", EP, Ltd, Whi + Digital

About the Release

For music that is equal parts timeless and contemporary, look no further than Limited White Label’s eight release by Retromigration and Nephews. Rooted in the Jazz, Soul, & R&B genres, this stimulating EP is perfect for any occasion and will no doubt become one of the most prized additions to any record collection. Its seamless blend of classic and modern influences guarantees a laid-back setting that appeals to the senses of all listeners. A stimulating EP, delivering an exceptional selection for a laid-back setting.



Wolf Music Recordings / GLBDOM / Healthy Scratch / Ravanelli Disco Club / Handy Record / Wewillalwaysbealovesong / Last Year At Marienbad

Image of Retromigration, artist, producer, DJ.
Side A

A1 Scales (Intro) (2:36)
A2 Kindness (6:36)
A3 Marnix (7:11)


Side B

B1 Never Alone (6:06)
B2 Chb Pimpin' (6:55)
B3 Quomo (Outro) (3:31)

Release date

October 23, 2020

Catalogue number



Mastered by Salz

Pressed and cut by Rand Muzik

Distributed by Inch By Inch Distribution

Retromigration & Nephews - Chb Pimpin' /Music Video/
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Image of B-Side of the vinyl record LTDBLBL008 by Retromigration & Nephews.


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