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About the Artist

German born with Nigerian and Ghanaian roots Retromigration has been carving out a name for himself in the last years by producing a refreshing and raw sound in his music. Over the past few years, Amsterdam based Retromigration has cultivated a devoted following and garnered strong support from influential figures in the electronic music press and radio landscape. Notable platforms like BBC Radio 1, NTS Radio, Worldwide FM, Mixmag, DJ Mag, Phonica, Ransom Note, 5 Magazine, Bolting Bits, and SlothBoogie have all embraced his music. With an impressive series of releases and his debut album on esteemed labels such as Wolf Music, Rhythm Section, Handy Records, and more, Retromigration has quickly risen to prominence in a relatively short time, and it's evident why. His tracks exude a distinctive style and energy, drawing from a wide range of influences spanning from hip hop and jazz to soul and funk

​Music has been an ever-present force in Retromigration's life since an early age. His journey began with learning the bass and immersing himself in classical music at the age of 7, followed by a natural progression into Jazz, Hip-Hop, and electronic music. These diverse influences shine through in both his productions and DJ sets, reflecting his unique musical journey. His work revolves around reinterpretation, skillfully blending past elements and repurposing them in innovative ways, leading to a continuous process of mixing and evolution.

In addition to his flourishing music production career, Retromigration has embarked on a busy international DJing schedule, captivating audiences across established clubs in Europe, Asia, and Central America. His ability to blend different genres and cultural influences resonates with audiences creating a unique experience, taking listeners on a sonic journey that reflects his own artistic evolution. While Retromigration's music may defy precise definitions, its impact on the dance floor is unmistakable. The constant growth and reinvention evident in the artist's music showcase their willingness to explore new territories and push the boundaries of their creativity.  Blending influences from various genres and cultures. This rich and diverse fusion of sounds reflects the artist's diverse background and musical upbringing and captures the essence of constant growth and reinvention, reminding us that the creative process is an ever-evolving adventure without a final destination.


For music that is equal parts timeless and contemporary, look no further than Limited White Label’s eight release by Retromigration and Nephews. Rooted in the Jazz, Soul, & R&B genres, this stimulating EP is perfect for any occasion and will no doubt become one of the most prized additions to any record collection. Its seamless blend of classic and modern influences guarantees a laid-back setting that appeals to the senses of all listeners. A stimulating EP, delivering an exceptional selection for a laid-back setting.

cover of vinyl record
Image of Retromigration, artist, producer, DJ.

Retromigration occasionally releases under the name Malik Kassim as well.

Wolf Music Recordings / GLBDOM / Healthy Scratch / Ravanelli Disco Club / Handy Record / Wewillalwaysbealovesong / Last Year At Marienbad

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